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1778 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236 | 718-304-2007

1778 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236 | 718-304-2007

Carlie's Corner

A Passion For Cooking

Carlie has always had a passion for cooking delicious meals for others. Come in and see what's cooking.

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

We only use fresh, high-quality ingredients in every dish to make the best possible dishes.

Accommodating Your Health Needs

Carlie's background as a nurse gives her the ability to accommodate specific health needs.

Always Fresh, Always Delicious Food

Opened in August 2019 by popular demand from Carlie's friends and family as she was known to be a great chef. Cooking has been her life time passion. Learn more about our story.

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At Carlie's Corner, we have taken steps to make our dining experience safer for our customers and staff. We have implemented new safety measures to provide our customers with an experience that is both hygienic and fun.

1778 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236