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1778 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236 | 718-304-2007

Who We Are

At Carlie's Corner, we have combined fresh ingredients, friendly customer service and Carlie's cooking expertise to give you a dining experience that is second to none.

Learn more about the Carlie's Corner story and what drives our passion for cooking delicious food.

Our History

Carlies Corner opened in August 2019, in Brooklyn, NY, by popular demand from Carlie's friends and family as she was known to be a great chef.

She was raised by a chef so cooking was always in her everyday life and her passion. Her background as a nurse, extensive knowledge in health and wellness give the restaurant ability to accommodate specific health needs, such as high blood pressure, diabetics and so on.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to always give our customers the best in food and service. We are also committed to taking every step we can to accommodate our customer's health needs.

Everything on our menu is made using only fresh and delicious ingredients to ensure our customers always get something tasty when they come in for a bite.


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